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Congratulations are in order for Engineer Thomas 'Pat' Copeman, the recipient of the 2011 Stichway Award or, as it was once known, recognition as the 'Firefighter of the Year' for the Jacksonville Fire/Rescue Department. In a ceremony held Friday evening, 2 March at the Union Hall of Local #122 on Stockton Street, Engineer Copeman of Engine 7 - "B" was recognized for his heroic actions at the scene of a tanker truck explosion in St. Augustine on August 19 of last year. While off-duty and assisting a friend move furniture, Copeman heard an explosion and saw a huge plume of black smoke climb skyward merely a few blocks away from his location. Runnning toward the vicinity of the commotion, Copeman came upon a gas station where a tanker truck had been off-loading fuel when a sudden explosion and subsequent fire transformed the scene into a horrific carnage of flying debris, heat, opaque smoke coupled with ardent flames and the driver of the rig, trapped and unable to move away from the pernicious environment. Copeman quickly organized a few bystanders in his rescue effort to remove the injured male from the scene and, succeeding in doing so, quickly turned his attention to both initial patient assessment and general on scene safety until the arrival of dispatched emergency crews. Copeman's actions undeniably reflect the highest of professional standards including exceptional courage and strength of character; attributes regularly ascribed to those firefighters not only receiving the honor of a Bronze Medal of Bravery but also the highest accolade available, the Joseph F. Stichway Award. Congratulations again, Pat!

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Ret. Lt. George Treadwell of Engine 2 was laid to rest on Wednesday Sept. 8th. Please click the video below for more.

Speed Kills...fortunately in this case it just hurt alot. Be careful boys!

And now a public service announcement from our own FF. Josh Covelli Eng-2-A, on the importance of an AED emergency plan & the rare condition known as commotio cordis.

Congratulations Chief B.J. Kraus on your retirement. Good luck & don't be a stranger.


Station 2 letting it all hang out for a worthy cause!

September 11th Brother for Brother Walk





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